25 thoughts on “Manu Tuilagi VS Chris Ashton”

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  2. Funny the amount of whinging on here about how “bad” the incident was.Three punches? Big fucking deal. It’s two grown men going face to face in a contact sport.

    You want cowardly dirty play? Check Dallaglios cheap shot knee to Lomu’s face after he scored a try during the 99 WC. The same incident he then brags about a few later while talking to a bunch of snotty nosed public school kids too.

    Tuilagi deserves his ban. But he doesnt deserve the hypocritical vitriol being spewed on here.

  3. Five Week Ban!?! Who is he bumming at the RFU? That should have been 3 months at least. Even Leicester supporters raised their eyes at that. RFU must hang their heads in shame, this will affect rugby with mothers saying to their little kiddies – son, I will not allow you to play that game. Maybe the piss poor ban is because he is the RFU and England’s great hope, and they are afraid of losing him. It stinks.

    And any coppers watching from that local area, do you require anymore video evidence?

  4. people say he would have got prosecuted if it was on the street. Come on this is the british justice system were talking about, the trial would have gone on for months and in the end he would have got like 8 hours community service. Britain needs to grow a pair.

  5. chuffin ummers, Ashton, you legend! i consider myself pretty handy but effing hell, i’m sure those 3 would have dropped me, str8 off!
    Manu u shit cunt, come back when you’re hard enough and less of an over reactive knob cheese

  6. The Ref, like most RU Refs, called it exactly right. He consulted the resources available to him and made a decision based on that. The clothes line tackle was wrong, Ashton’s response was wrong ( by the way, if you’re going to retaliate make sure you can handle the reaction or, leave it to the Ref!) then of course, the rest speaks for itself!

  7. We don’t need people like that in our sport. Don’t worry Ashton he will get what’s coming to him! Lucky you have a chin of English steel!

  8. @Stevenwist I’m guessing the push was something to do with being clotheslined without the ball, that wasn’t sportsmanlike at all. Tuilagi completely deserved the ban, I think it was shocking to think they both deserved the same punishment, and that his punishment was just a yellow card. He deserved a yellow card for the high tackle alone, let alone the 3 punches to head.
    Ironically, Ashton got a yellow card for the push..Alesana Tuilagi later pushed a Northampton player but didn’t get punished?

  9. @Stevenwist You calling me a poof or Ashton? The high tackle with a swinging arm wasn’t exactly ‘sportsmanlike’ either

  10. 5 week ban, reduced from 10 because Ashton ‘pushed’ him. Pathetic punishment for what, outside of a rugby pitch, would be classed as common assault.

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