25 thoughts on “Manu Tuilagi vs. Julian Savea PART 2 | 2014”

  1. How old is Manu? does he have time to learn not to be so dumb? he could be
    the best in the world. I’m no coach but given Manu early I would train him
    to be a centre, not a winger.

  2. Tuilagi’s a better player. Savea is just surrounded by a much better team
    so is constantly put in better situations. Put Tuilagi in All Blacks
    backline and see what happens. 

  3. Manu has the potential to be one of the if not the best backs in the world.
    He’s the best strike runner, in terms of beating a man one on one, since
    Lomu but jeeeez… he’s just so stupid! I reckon he obviously grew up
    playing rugby bigger, faster and stronger than everyone else (as Savea
    probably did) and hasn’t learnt to adapt his game now that the difference
    in physical margins is narrower. Savea however, having grown up in a NZ
    culture is super smart, tactically astute and has great technical
    capabilities on top of his physical dominance. Think it’s a case of
    Emperors new clothes with Manu, someone needs to not be afraid to sit him
    down and teach him how to position himself defensively, how to and when to
    pass properly, kick etc… Then we’d have a truly world class player.
    Imagine putting Conrad Smith’s brain in Manu’s body!!!!! 

  4. Conclusive victory for Savea this time round.

    Manu is even bigger and stronger than Savea in terms of ball carrying and
    overall impact, but doesn’t have quite as much pace, quite as much
    technical ability and nowhere near as good a ‘game brain’ – in the sense
    that Savea reads the game brilliantly, is tactically astute and most
    notably knows where to be to get in scoring positions.

    Savea’s defensive positioning, be it in the line or for kick returns, is
    immaculate also. Manu makes huge hits (as does Savea of course) but can be
    caught out in terms of defensive decision-making, especially when he makes
    an error in shooting out of the line in search of a big hit that was never
    on – Savea rarely if ever does this.

    Even though they play different positions, there’s little doubt that Savea
    is a far more polished all-round player.

  5. Saves is regarded as a better wing than Lomu in NZ and to me and Manu is a
    center/wing for England. Don’t see the comparison 

  6. 2:56 shows that Tuilagi is actually capable of making a good offload. It’s
    just a shame he doesn’t do it more often in the midfield, where that sort
    of offload is extremely useful

  7. Tuilagi is ridiculously strong, one of the most powerful players in rugby,
    he is quick for his size as Well. Savea is a sprinter,up there with the
    quickest players but is also very strong. However Savea is the better
    player. Savea performances are consistent and always causes a nightmare for
    the opposition. Tuilagi is not. We do not see what we want from Tuilagi
    because England have a weak team to what they had in 2012. They have both
    got a good package, very little weakness, especially savea.

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