Will Greenwood, a former World Cup winner recently rated Will Hurrell the best centre in the league.

This was the same position in which the World Cup winner himself featured for his country, earning 55 caps and a World Cup medal.

Hurrell was personally satisfied with his debut campaign amongst the English elite. However, this was short lived as the relegation of his club side, Bristol, was too much disappointment.

However, with the consistent praise Greenwood has never relented in showering on him, Hurrell has been spurred on to maintain his game at high levels and keep his ambition high.

“Will Greenwood has done a couple of nice pieces in the Telegraph on me which was really nice to see.” Hurrell said.

And though some Premiership teams have offered him an easy escape route from the drop, Hurrell remains committed to seeing through his contract with Bristol and also helping the club climb higher.

The 27 year old had spent much of his formative years at Welford years as well as several seasons at the academy before heading out to find first team rugby.

His parents, Bill and Julia proudly spent the season on their motorcycle buzzing around the country to attend every single game.

The most poignant of their trip however was the shortest trip of the season – going up the A607 to Leicester.

Speaking about the experience, the 27 year old said:

“Going back there with a different team was a real experience. It was good to see some old faces, though I would personally like to have played against Manu (Tuilagi).

He still believes there is still enough time for him for senior England caps despite taking a sabbatical from the professional game to complete a university degree.